Download flappy birds for pc

Download Flappy birds for pc is a addicting game. It was another hyped app from store which gained popularity due to reasons. The game was pulled down from the apple store as well as the play store from the developer.

But the good news is that you can play flappy birds on internet now. There are many websites who have launched the HTML 5 version of the game. One such site is agame.

Beware : If you start playing the game nothing can stop you                                                                  ::: HIGHLY ADDICTING::::

download flappy birds for pc

Why download flappy birds for pc?

Seriously? Do you want to ask this question. Then why are you reading the article titled download flappy birds for pc if you finding a reason. There are million reasons.

  • You played the game on friends mobile and cant stop yourself from playing the game on pc.
  • It is no more available on play store and apple store.
  • You do not have smartphone on which you can download the apk’s that everyone is distributing.

How to download flappy birds for pc?

I will just tell it is not possible to download flappy birds for pc using bluestack as it is not available in play store. What you can do is play the game on HTML5. Once you play the game on the website then you can save the page on your computer.

Later when you want to play the game access the webpage in offline mode. This way you will feel like you are playing flappy birds on your pc.



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