Benji Bananas free download for Windows 10 PC free

Benji Bananas free download for Windows 10 PC free. This game that is now available on PC was originally on the Android platform where it is natively programmed and now a fully compatible version of the Windows 10 store has been created so that fun and entertainment can take you to a larger screen.

Benji game like bananas

This game has become one of the most popular for mobile devices and now it is all a sensation on large screens of computers and among younger users, it is a very entertaining game in which the main character is a monkey, the story focuses on the difficulty presented by the different levels that will try to slow down your progress to get the different fruits watered around all the maps.

It is designed to explore the exciting world of the jungle through a game with a slightly high difficulty, where you will have to swing from between the lianas to get the different rewards that in turn will open the doors to improvements for your character , you will have to avoid the complications that you will find along the way with only your skills and the powers that you acquire as you improve your character.

Features – Benji Bananas

  • Based on well-made cartoons and cartoons
  • Jungle landscapes as ambience of the levels
  • You will be able to appreciate different natural sources such as jungles, hills, among others.
  • It generates a sensation of visiting the jungle itself.
  • You can buy improvements for your character for free and pay.
  • There will be boosters watered by the different maps to facilitate your passage through the jungle.
  • You can use other animals to help you cross the jungle, as well as find special advantages.
  • It has the ability to change the costume to your character and choose between the different options offered.
  • It allows customizing the scenarios modifying the appearance of the lianas and changing them for different things such as changing the color, changing it for snakes, among others.

Download – Benji Bananas

You can access the download for Windows from the official store by clicking here.

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