Download Orbot for PC

Download Orbot for PC. It consists of a free software project that allows you to surf incognito on the Internet for Android users. It acts as an instance of the Tor network in such devices and allows the routing of the web browser traffic of the device, the mail client, map program, etc.

Orbot for PC

This tool usually keeps users’ communications anonymous and hidden from governments and third parties who may be monitoring their Internet traffic. It also allows you to browse internet pages that are not indexed for regular search engines; that is to say that it is possible to navigate in pages that have domain like .onion and other similar ones.

How does Orbot work?

The computer security in question of mobile telephony continues being a subject to treat by several companies at world-wide level. Apparently one of the most aggravating problems is the way in which technology reaches the teams. The privatization of services and products leads to sectorization of information and therefore does not allow us to have total control over what we see or have.

But of course there are moderately useful ways that allow us to maintain some privacy at least when surfing the internet. Tor has servers that are operated by volunteers scattered around the world. When you connect to that network and try to access a website, such as or some other web address, through it, your order enters that network, passes through three of those servers and leaves only the third; from which your personal information has been removed from the petition to the website.

For example, if you are residing in Argentina and want to access but without knowing where you are; through Orbot your request to access the website will be taken, which will go through the three servers and then the third will only your request to the site made from any other country; This way nobody will know that you are browsing on from Argentina.

Where can I download Orbot for PC?

Orbot for PC can only be obtained through an Android emulator that you can download by clicking here; it is very easy to install, then you can access the Play Store from which you can download Orbot satisfactorily and then configure it as necessary.

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