Download Origin games free for PC

What is Origin for PC?

Download Origin free for PC. Origin is the name of the application which is used to download all the contents you want from the old Electronic Arts Store and other games like Sims, FIFA, and other successful games.  

Download Origin free for PC

Where can you download Origin free for PC?

You can download Origin free for Pc from the official web site You’ll see the options for downloading for Windows or Mack. With an easy click, you can install this app in a few minutes. You will also need to create an EA account to use it on the website or in your computer after installing it. You just need an e-mail address to do it.

After the download is completed, go to downloads folder, select Origin and execute it.

How to use Origin

Once installed Origin, you can access from your Desktop to all the EA content you want. From Origin you can check news, download demos of free games and even buy and download full versions. Origin saves all your PC games, no matter where you bought them, so you have them all ready and in one place. It’s like your personal game library.

Features of Origin

An outstanding feature of Origin is that many of our games are compatible with those ones saved in the cloud, which is perfect when you want to use a different PC or when your hard drive is in troubles.

Additionally, you will find in this app some patches and updates for the games that you have downloaded from the portal. In addition, Origin includes an interesting social aspect, it allows you to create a community of friends to play, chat and share content.

If it is not enough, after downloading your game, you can play it offline.

Downloads of Origin have been optimized to be as fast as possible. You can even play the newest games while they are still downloading.

Keep in mind that if you choose to download EA games, you will also need to download the Origin app, if you don’t do it, you will not be able to play them.

In summary, Origin is a good download manager. Frequently, EA releases new games so Origin becomes an indispensable platform for PC gamers.

Download Origin games free for PC
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