Hide your program on the taskbar with Outtasight

This time we are talking about a tool that allows you to hide from the view any of the windows that you have open on the PC desktop in such a way that it will provide you with some additional privacy.

Download Outtasight Windows 10

With this tool you will finish the problems of space in the taskbar since it offers you two options to be able to hide your open applications as they are to hide them completely or to minimize them as an icon to the system tray.

The program also has other interesting functions: automatic hiding for certain applications, key combinations to activate the program, possibility of hiding other elements of the desktop (such as icons, the toolbar, etc.)

How to hide an application in Outtasight

Let’s see how the methods work to hide the open applications in the taskbar with the 2 methods provided by the same application.

First method

Hide an application with this tool is very simple we will have to go to the area of ​​hide application in the window of tools that we have previously opened and we will select the application that we want to hide, in this case if they have the application open they will only be moved from the bar of tasks to the application area in the background that is located right next to the time in the toolbar with an arrow pointing up.

Second method

In this case also in the previous one we go to the application and press open and press open and a window will appear once this window is open we will go to Auto-Hide and it will show us a window like that in which we will press in add and we will get another small window in which we will give it where it says Executable file name and we will look for the program that we want to hide.

How to hide an application in Outtasight

Once we select the program that we want to hide we will mark the Hide to system tray box, where it says Hide mode, we will leave it in Manual and select a Hotkey which must always use Ctrl + Alt + the number or letter that has been chosen.

Once done that correctly we will continue with the next step, now to finish first we will press Apply and then OK this is done so that the outta is not locked and as a result will be the following in our notifications will appear the application with its icon which will we can move to the side of the clock or leave it in only the notifications

Requirements Outtasight Windows 10

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher.
  • Memory: 512Mb RAM or higher.
  • Storage: 444.65 KB

You can download this program directly from its official source by clicking here.

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