QuickTime Player download Windows 10

QuickTime is a multimedia framework developed by the apple company. This software implements both a multimedia player and the set of codecs necessary for the reproduction of video and audio of multiple types of formats. QuickTime Player download Windows 10.

QuickTime Player download Windows 10

QuickTime is Apple’s default music player that was initially included in Windows XP. For the case of QuickTime in Windows 10 it is a bit more difficult to locate current versions that work in this operating system, since it had been oriented to the era of Windows XP, Vista and 7.

It is important to keep in mind that free versions have very few active options in the market, so, to have all of them, it would be necessary to purchase the pro version.

One useful aspect that QuickTime gives us in Windows 10 is that for users who are dedicated to video editing in Sony Vegas; the possibility of editing videos of extension .MOV is available, which, if it were not for QuickTime, would not be possible.

Feature – QuickTime Player

QuickTime supports the most current formats in both its Mac version and the Windows Pro version:

  • DVD
  • 264
  • MKV (Only available for MAC with the use of a plugins)
  • MPEG-4
  • AVI
  • DivX

In addition to being a multimedia player, its Pro version has support for video editing and its encoding of various formats such as AVI, MOV or MP4. In addition, we can record audio directly from a microphone.

QuickTime in Windows 10 will be very important for users who have the Sony Vegas video editing program installed, since to use MOV extension files in this Windows program, the installation of QuickTime will be necessary.

Download and Install QuickTime Windows 10

There is a version that does work correctly with Windows 10 and this is version 7.6. To download this software we will have to go to the Apple page and locate this software in its version of Windows. For download directly just do it click here.

Several versions of QuickTime for Windows are available on the website, you must select version 7.6. Once the installer is downloaded, we start it with a double click. Surely it will be in downloads folder. In this way we will begin the installation process and it is as simple as downloading and installing QuickTime in Windows 10.

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