Download Termux for PC Windows

Download Termux for PC Windows. A terminal emulator for Android, which works directly without complicated configurations; if you are a Windows or Mac user with experience in the terminals or if you are a Linux user, enjoy the terminal; you will know how important they are and the infinities of uses they have within an operating system; Then you will understand why Termux is the best option for Android devices.

Termux for Windows

Many times when you are going to install a terminal on Android you get to know that you need to root the device, losing all kinds of guarantees on it; Termux does not need you to root your device so it is the best choice between available terminals. You can have original equipment and a powerful terminal without losing either of the two things.

When you install Termux on your computer, you will have an Android terminal emulator with a minimal base system on hand; expandable through the APT package manager. This package manager is the one used by distributions derived from Debian. With what you can easily install the most common packages in this terminal emulator for Android.


  • It allows you to create an ssh server, with which to connect to this terminal.
  • Choose between different shells, be it Bash, fish, zsh.
  • You can select your favorite editor, nano, emacs, vim.
  • Use tools such as curl, or wget to download directly from the terminal.
  • Make backup copies using rsync.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • Very interactive since it has versions in Perl, Python, Ruby and Node.js
  • You can modify the font of the text you see on the screen.

Download Termux for PC?

As you can see the potential that Termux offers is absolutely fascinating; allowing you to do almost anything you do in your terminal of your favorite distribution. You can use Termux on your pc implementing an emulator for Android; Download it directly by clicking here.

Once the emulator is installed you just have to go to the Play Store and download the emulator for free; very simple and in this way you can test the multitude of functions offered by this terminal directly on your PC.

Download Termux for PC Windows
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