Download The Glorious Resolve game for PC

Download The Glorious Resolve game for PC. A very exciting and action-packed shooting game in which you will be able to reveal your skills on the battlefield; a FPS game full of fighting and shooting, known by many lovers of the action genre.

Download The glorious resolve game for PC

ISPR presents a multidisciplinary FPS shooting game full of action. It takes players through the epic battles that the Pakistan Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies have fought.

A game, in which you must assume different roles on the battlefield, soldier, pilot, driver; kill all the possible enemies in this fantastic action-packed shooting game.

Features – The Glorious Resolve

First, your mission will be to disable the defense system of the watchtowers. Use the long-range sniper shots to defeat the Militants. After eliminating all snipers, enter the enemy base camp as a silent shooter, taking cover and using the movements of bending over. Once you enter base camp, prepare for the extreme time trial action and start fighting with the militants, using your special gorilla command abilities.

  • First person shooter game for first person shooter
  • Powerful military weapons, including machine guns, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols
  • Use of force and force multipliers such as close air support, UAV drones
  • Realistic game that includes strict rules of participation

Unique 3D maps set in a realistic environment.

  • Use smoke grenades and air strikes against the militants
  • Win medals to unlock and upgrade powerful weapons
  • A system of rewards such as medals and promotions to keep the player occupied throughout the game
  • Find a variety of threats including bazooka gunners, snipers and enemies
  • Operations based on intelligence
  • Compete against the best players and reach the highest rankings in the leaderboard online

How to download the glorious resolve game for my PC?

In order to play this game you will need an Android emulator, since there is no official version of this game; you can download the emulator by clicking here.

Download The Glorious Resolve game for PC
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