Whatsapp Web for PC – WhatsApp Web in my Computer

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world, with millions of users that are increasing with the acquisition of a new mobile device. Whatsapp Web for PC.

It is undoubtedly an indispensable App in each of the mobile phone equipment that we currently have.

Whatsapp web for PC

It is very famous for allowing conversations from anywhere in the world through a text chat and even by a phone call or video call. With the passing of time has been implementing new features such as being able to see stories of users that we have as a contact in the same way that is done with Instagram in the beginning.

WhatsApp Web for PC on your computer

The most important thing about WhatsApp Web is that it has a web version that allows us to have the service directly from our computer; gives us full access to all the chats that we have already started and even to the contacts registered with the active service. Although this service does not have such a well-developed interface for computers as for example an application for Windows, Mac or Linux, WhatsApp takes time allowing you to use your application from any computer through your browser.

How to synchronize WhatsApp Web with WhatsApp?

First we must enter WhatsApp Web from our computer, we can have WhatsApp web by clicking here. By doing so you will see a QR code, and you will not be able to start using it until you scan it with the mobile application.

Verify your device

Open WhatsApp and click on the icon of the three points that appears on the right in the App to display the options, and click on the WhatsApp Web option.

Scan the Whatsapp Web QR Code

Now you will see the scanner and you must write it down on the WhatsappWeb QR code that you have left open on the web, so that it is all inside the square.

Permission granted

Once the previous step is finished you will see how the section starts automatically in your browser. While if you enter the WhatsApp Web section of the mobile now you will see the sessions you have started on different computers.

Active sessions

In this section you will find all the browsers in which you have started the section of your WhatsApp service; this way you can manage in a well-organized way all the computers where you have given authorization to your account.

Indeed WhatsApp has many options to offer you a fluid and stable communication with anyone at any time; the applications with the same purpose. In addition to being very easy to use and intuitive because it offers features that are not typical of an application of this style, such as stories, the encryption of chat with which a more secure conversation is ensured, profile photos.

A very interesting feature of this service is that you can only count on it as long as you have a registered telephone line on your mobile device. So the experience of having WhatsApp Web Online is more personalized.

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