Wireless Display App and Keep your Computer connect to Internet ever in Windows

This is original software of the Intel brand and is naturally pre-installed at the factory in computer equipment of the same brand, so it can be incorporated into 32-bit and 64-bit computers independently.

Being original software of the Intel brand, it can be taken into account that it works perfectly, but what is this software about? We are going to see it now.

Download Wireless Display app for windows 7

Intel kept busy for some time while making a tool to share content in a very powerful and fast way, so that users have no connection problems, much less falls into it, thus have launched a system that allows you to connect a device that it emits a reproduction and at the same time it is able to share that content with another device compatible with that same technology, in this case it is the Intel Wireless Display Software that at the moment was good for Windows 7.

Like all software, this requires hardware compatible with the requirements that the manufacturers of the same software ask for. This is to maintain minimum requirements for the optimal functioning of the system, since it is software that uses graphic resources to operate.

How this software is installed

First of all you must confirm that your computer has a compatible system, in this case it is Windows 7 in all its versions. After this we can go to the official page that we will leave below and select the option to download, not before accepting the license of use, which will display a menu with some options available for your download, select the option to download the file Setup.exe in a specific folder on your computer.

When finished we double click on the file, install it will be a matter of giving it next and following as in any simple installation since it does not require additional configuration, after having finished just restarting the computer and you will have everything ready.

How this software is installed

Requirements – Wireless Display App for Windows 7

  • Architecture: Intel
  • Size of the file: 133 MB
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • File addressed to: Graphic cards.


You can directly access the download by clicking here, this link will take you to the manufacturer’s homepage in the software download option.

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